Communisage – Streetwise Marketing & Business Development

Communisage is an unique kind of marketing consultant.

That’s because we are blessed with a distinct combination of client-side advertising and marketing capability together with marketing agency experience.

That means we can ascertain exactly which methods and marketing and web design activities are called for to accomplish a specific goal, then afterwards deliver them in a remarkably cost effective manner.

No matter what your requirement may be, Communisage is able to help you increase your business and allow you to invest your time far more productively, looking after your firm and not executing the marketing endeavor.

Moreover, our firm also specialise in powerpoint presentation creation producing information, framework and the development of visual aids to make sure that your prospects remember your story and act upon it favorably for your reward.

Our services feature:

  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Blueprint Formulation
  • Web based Marketing – Search Engine Optimization, website design services, content marketing strategy, electronic mail marketing, social media marketing, web blog administration.
  • Traditional Marketing – Powerpoint presentations, leaflets, direct-mail selling, advertisements, corporate identity & branding, PR & press relations, exhibition management, sales promos, internal marketing.